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Meet the author

D.J. Molles became a New York Times and USA today bestselling author while working full time as a police officer. He has since traded his badge for a keyboard to produce over 20 titles.

When he’s not writing, he’s taking steps to make his North Carolina property self-sustainable, and training to be at least half as hard to kill as Lee Harden (his most popular protagonist). Molles also enjoys playing his guitar and drums, drawing, cooking, and “shredding that green pow”on his Onewheel.

D.J. on his writing style:

If I had to categorize my style, I’d call it “literary thriller.” I enjoy literary, or “character driven” stories, because they deliver such emotional depth and make me feel and think. But…they can be a little slow. I also enjoy thriller, or “commercial” fiction because they’re fast-paced and action-packed, but their characters often lack depth and fail to elicit an emotional response from me.

My favorite stories—the ones that really stick with me—are the ones that strike a perfect balance between page-turning action, and slowing down to explore the complex human emotions of the main characters. That is the style that I most enjoy reading, and it is the style I seek to emulate in my own works. And that is why I would categorize my style as “literary thriller.”


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