The Remaining Universe Reading Order

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I originally published the first Remaining book as an eBook in 2012. To be perfectly honest, I hadn’t the slightest idea what I was doing.

I’d wanted to be an author as long as I can remember, and one night after a long day of law enforcement work, I took the big step to just throw it out there to the big wide world, just to see what happens.

And now, over 10 years later, here we are talking about the reading order of the 17 books within—what we are now calling—THE REMAINING UNIVERSE!

It’s pretty surreal the following this series has. Ol’ Lee Harden has become a household name across the world! Ok, maybe not a household name like Jackie Chan or Chuck Norris, but maybe one day, yeah?

In what order should I read The Remaining/Lee Harden Books?

There are three suggested entry points to this Universe as a whole:

  1. Start with the very first in the entire series: The Remaining, Book 1. This is the origin story of the plague and introduces you to the world of Lee Harden.You can read through the six full novels and enjoy the two novellas I wrote in 2014 to fill in some cracks during a longer publication wait.
  2. Harden (Lee Harden Series, Book 1) This book takes place three years after the plague originated, but still very much in full action. Things are evolving and the world is still in chaos. The Lee Harden Series has six books all spanning a very short period of time.
  3. The Valley is also a good place to get started in this series. After a little hiatus from The Remaining Universe, I decided to dive right back in and give the fans more. While it is considered a standalone book and NOT in the Lee Harden Series, The Valley begins six years after the plague originated and three years after Terminus, Lee Harden Series, Book 6. If you are looking for a newly released book to start your journey, The Valley has enough information for new readers to understand what is going on, but won’t spoil too much if you decided to go back and read from the beginning(The Remaining Book 1.)



The Remaining Series (published 2012-2015)

This is the origin story. Where the plague started and introduces you to Lee Harden.

0.5 Faith: A Novella (Faith can be read at any time)

1. The Remaining

2. Aftermath

3. Refugees

4. Fractured

4.5. Trust: A Novella

5. Allegiance

6. Extinction

The Lee Harden Series is a continuation of The Remaining Series (published 2018-2022) However, Harden can be your first read in the Universe if you prefer. This series start three years after the plague hit.

1. Harden

2. Southlands

3. Primal

4. Defiant

5. Unbowed

6. Terminus

Standalone Novels within The Remaining Universe (published 2023-present) These novels are the latest additions to The Remaining Universe, please refer to the graphics below to see where they fit in.

The Valley: A Lee Harden Novel (occurs 3 years after Terminus)

(The Valley could be an entry point into The Remaining Universe. You can always go back and read the prior novels to get more details on learn more backstory.)

Sanctuary (March 2024—occurs directly after The Valley)

Abe (May/June 2024—is concurrent with the events in Defiant)

​Use the images below to reference a chronological order of The Remaining Universe books.