The Complete Godbreaker Trilogy

Breaking Gods, The Nine, and Confluence—ALL THREE Godbreaker books bundled together in one complete eBook trilogy!

Breaking Gods (Book 1):

In the beginning, the gods destroyed the world.

Since then, the demigods have been using humanity to fight an endless civil war. Humans dutifully slaughtering other humans, battle after battle.

For years, Perry McGown has made his living off the spent ammunition from those bloody battlefields.

But Perry has a secret.

He’s a deserter.

He should be fighting the war instead of cleaning it up. Luckily, his fellow crew members don’t ask a lot of questions, because if anyone found out, he’d be executed.

However, an incident in a barroom goes too far, landing Perry behind bars and sentenced to death.

Through a flurry of gunfire and blood, Perry finds himself on the run with two of his least favorite people: a girl named Teran who does ask too many questions, and a gleefully violent ex-legionnaire named Stuber.

While being pursued by a ruthless demigod, Perry is forced to confront demons from the past. but ends up uncovering truths about his heritage that have been buried for decades.

The more Perry learns, the more dangerous his journey becomes.

Because the truth about Perry could break the gods.


The Nine (Book 2):

Change the tides of history.

A tall order for a runt named Perry McGown and his ragtag band of friends. But Perry is bound and determined to complete this mission, no matter the odds. He must prove himself in the face of a gathering storm of powers beyond his imagination.

Accompanied by a ferocious ex-legionnaire named Stuber, a con-artist named Teran, and a tinkerer named Sagum, Perry barges his way into a world where nothing is as it seems, old truths become lies, and myths become reality.

In his quest to find “The Source,” he must rapidly learn his place in the new order of things, or he and everyone he knows will be destroyed. And also, possibly, the entire world.


Confluence (Book 3):

The Watcher has released the Guardians, and now extinction is coming.

Perry scrambles to unite humanity against the threat, but in the chaos of imminent doom, everyone is at each other’s throats. As alliances fracture and friendships strain to the breaking point, Perry must find the final clues to the truth that lurks in the myths, and unlock the true meaning of Confluence.