Terminus (Lee Harden Series (The Remaining Universe) Book 6)

The only way out is through.

Greeley, Colorado lies before him. Griffin’s army presses at his back.

Lee Harden is out of options, and out of time.

Inside the city, Sam Ryder is trapped behind enemy lines, and Acting President Briggs still maintains his stranglehold on the country—and Lee’s destiny.

Choices. We are made by choices. And they make us. Choices are being made by every individual swept up in this conflict. Abby—Sam—Abe—Brinly—Angela—all of them making choices, with irreversible consequences.

And all of those consequences fall on Lee.

As Lee fights to adapt and maintain control amid the chaos of a city under siege, all of those choices will reach their terminus, in this explosive conclusion to the Lee Harden Series.