Primal (Lee Harden Series (The Remaining Universe) Book 3)

They’re called Mr. No One and Mr. Nobody, and wherever they go, death follows.

Lee Harden is out for blood. After a month, the cartel is looking over their shoulders and jumping at shadows, worried about the madmen in their backyard, who seem obsessed with little else but killing cartel members. Lee continues to claw his way towards revenge, searching for a target to strike at, or a person to destroy, that will force his enemies to reveal themselves. And nothing is going to stop him. Not even Abe.

In the United Eastern States, things are crumbling around Angela. Safe Zones are dropping out of communication, and no one seems to have any faith in her since the fall of Fort Bragg. Carl Gilliard’s methods of purging the dissenters grow harsher and harsher, and Angela is forced to run interference for him, denying allegations of misconduct. She needs to get them back to Fort Bragg, to show that they aren’t losing this war. But she’s not sure they can get there before everything falls apart.

Working fast—and sometimes unsafely—to secure the route back to Fort Bragg, Sam Ryder and his squad make a grim discovery that might be the start of an evolutionary jump for the primals—and a threat to the survival of the human race.

In this thrilling and gritty third installment to the Lee Harden Series, the only thing you can be certain of is that things are about to change.