Defiant (Lee Harden Series (The Remaining Universe) Book 4)

Don’t ever let it break you.

The United Eastern States is crumbling. The fragile house of cards that Lee Harden and Angela Houston have built has begun to fall. Lee is up against a ticking clock, as he is recalled from Texas and given the last thing in the world that he wants: A promotion.

Forced into a command role, Major Harden is thrust into a sharp learning curve that goes against every instinct he’s developed over years of fighting. As Lee races to find his footing in a mire of shifting loyalties and opposing goals, Safe Zones are being overrun by massive hordes of primals exhibiting strange behaviors and uncanny levels of intelligence, and Greeley is moving towards an invasion of the UES. The envoys from Canada and the United Kingdom know it—but they’re refusing to take sides and give Lee the intelligence he desperately needs.

As the tides of war reach the doors of the UES, horrific secrets are revealed that will change the future of their fight for survival. Friends become enemies, and enemies become allies. But no matter what happens, no matter what—or who—he loses, Lee can’t let it break him. He must remain defiant to the last.