The Book of Dog Coming November 14th!

Book of dog mockup

The Book of Dog is releasing November 14th!

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It’s been a long time coming on this one, folks. I started writing The Book of Dog while on a beach vacation with my family in 2021. I completed it one year later in the same place I started it.

The Book of Dog was an absolute blast to write, basing it off my own furry friends at the time (Roxy, Blitzen, Cheeto the cat). I used their personalities to create characters that were faced with an interesting situation beyond their control: their beloved humans disappearing. We’re not talking about leaving for five minutes to get the mail and your pet can’t see you through the window. NO, we are talking ALL humans randomly vanishing and NEVER returning.

Banger, Mash, and Sweetpea (the foul-mouthed cat) try to solve the mystery of Dad vaporizing before their very eyes. When they are out of answers, they reach out to neighborhood pets for help. Chaos ensues as they realize that ALL humans are gone. Soon, the canines divide into two school’s of thought, each believing they have it all figured out.

Sweetpea decides the dogs need a more intellectually advanced being to be the keeper of the laws, so he inserts himself into the mix to help maintain order between the sides, but soon realizes it’s too much for him to handle.

Will Sweetpea, Banger, Mash, and the other dogs work out their disagreements and come together in the end to get their masters back?

Find out November 14th in The Book of Dog: a humorous approach to a few metaphysical concepts we all have wondered about from time to time. This satire will have you laughing and possibly shedding a tear thinking about your own pets being left behind in the world without you.


If you are a pet owner, you can’t tell me you haven’t put words to your dog’s actions or your cat’s smug facial expressions. Think of those moments, add in an existential aspect, a little humor, and you have THE BOOK OF DOG.

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​Meet the pets the characters were based on:

Cheeto came to us as a stray. He chose our porch one day and never left—except to hunt and explore for the day—but he always came back at the end of the day. Until he didn’t. Hope you found a new family to bless with your rugged tomcat cuteness, dear friend.

​Don’t let this sweet Yoda face trick you. She may be the wise OG around here, but she will rip a fool in half if she needed to. Also, will snuggle you so hard and lick your leg off because she loves you so much, or pee on your bed to spite you…depends on the day.

​This is our Blitzen. We call him Blitz most days, unless he has the uncontrollable zoomies and is literally tearing our living room couch apart. He has a condition that makes one of his eyes look “dumb” from certain angles, but he is very smart and FAST. He loves running and if you say “race” he is ready and willing to leave you in the dust. But, because he is a loyal companion, will always come back for pets because he is a very good boy.