A Podcast!


Back in June I appeared on the Lowballing with Joe Hansen podcast. We talked a little about the Remaining books, but also a lot of my lesser known works A Grower’s War and Johnny. I did the podcast virtually, which means that my connection relied on my horrendous satellite internet, so there are a few times when my audio sucks, and the delay is less than ideal, but you’ll get the gist of it. And you’ll get to actually see me talk! Those of you who have stuck with me for a while know that I generally keep a quieter social life. However, I am trying to change with the times, er…a little.

The description notes that “not a lot is known about the life of DJ Molles” which is probably why some of the details are a little off—but that is okay—a little mystery never hurts.

I probably just need to do a little updating online. I’ll add it to the list…LOL.

Check it out!