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What is A Harvest of Ash and Blood?

The Big Picture: The Brannic Empire runs off of magic. It powers their armies, and has thrust what is essentially a bronze-age people into a sort of technological revolution. This sudden “progress” as they call it, has been made possible by the all-powerful Church of Alchemy. They achieve this magic by alchemizing the ashes of those with magical abilities, called draeids, who they find and capture as children, and then burn alive.

Now, into the nitty-gritty: A Harvest of Ash and Blood follows veteran soldier Lochled Thatcher and naive young woman Rony Hirdman as they embark on the Fourth Crusade to Leftland, a country with a large population of magical draeids. The Church assures them that the Leftlanders are little more than animals to be harvested, but Lochled has doubts about that.

With an invasion force largely made up of cutthroats and thieves, the war quickly turns to barbarism, and Lochled struggles with following orders, or following his own conscience, as he begins to see more and more things that lead him to believe that the Leftlanders might actually be thinking, intelligent beings.

Politics and Authority clash. Foundations of Faith are shaken. Loyalty is questioned.

A Harvest of Ash and Blood is A bold, brutal look at war and belief. The pages are filled with violence, mayhem, and dark humor, but there’s also some deeper messages in there, if you care to look for them. What those messages are, I leave to you, my Wonderful Readers, and your own interpretations.

If you like Joe Abercrombie, the Witcher, anything grimdark, or gallows humor amongst hardened soldiers, then A Harvest of Ash and Blood is right up your alley.


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